Ceramic Type

Design stanard: MSS SP-81, JB/T8691
Flange connection: ANSI B16.5, JIS10K, PN10, PN16
Body material: WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc.
Disk / stem material: SS201,SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,SS2205, SS904L, SS2507
Size range: DN50(2'')-DN600(24'')
rising stem or no-rising stem
Actuator: handle wheel, lever, gear, hydraulic, electrical, Pneumaitc cylinder
Double acting cylinder or spring return cylinder, switches, limit switches,
positioner, solenoid valve, air filter etc. fail safe system
Seat material: Ceramics

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1. The sealing surface uses high-end ceramics with toughened structure which has exceeding high-wear and corrosion-resistant performances.
2. knife gate valve is composed of narrow body and sliding gate.
3. The gate hs sharp blade that can separate or cut the solid particles in the fluid media.
4. the polishing treatment on the gate surface strengthens its penetrating power and effectively guarantees the service life of both packing and valve seat.
5. the bottom of the valve body is provided with the gate hold-down device that can safely presses the gate tightly on  the valve seat in order to ensure effective tight-seal.
Maintenance and Operation:
Valves must be initially lubricated using a suitable lubricant, and every three months, they must be disassembled, inspected, and lubricated if necessary.
The valve needs to be stored in a clean and dry environment to avoid the accumulation of dirt and other contaminants.
Daily inspection of the valve is necessary to observe any visual indications of distress like leakage around packing gland, handle, or bonnet area.
To prevent damage to the valve, it must not be operated outside the recommended working pressure and temperature.


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